There are about 8,000 children in Oklahoma’s foster care system. On any given day there are 150 children in need of a foster home, which has yet to be found. When a foster home is not available, these children stay in county shelters. In response to the lawsuit that was brought against DHS, the use of county shelters is being phased out. This has created an urgent need for more foster homes in Oklahoma.

Circle of Care works to recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to foster parents. We have a contract through DHS to provide these services anywhere in the state.


There are two primary ways Circle of Care recruits new foster parents: 1) word of mouth referrals from current foster parents and 2) presentations by staff to churches, Sunday school groups, civic clubs, and other community partners. To schedule a visit from a Circle of Care staff member to your church or community group, please call 405-530-2078.

Children In Oklahoma State Custody

Source: Department of Human Services, Placement and Resource Summary, January 2020 .

Training & Certification

The process to become a foster parent has many steps and our staff are there to support you along the way. These steps include:

• Conducting a home study
• Having a background check
• Getting fingerprints taken
• 27 hours of training
• CPR/First Aid

Ongoing Support

Once you are approved by DHS to be a foster parent and children are placed in your home, Circle of Care continues to provide you support. Our foster parents remain foster parents because they have an entire community of care. Our support includes:

• A welcome basket when the child arrives at your home
• Monthly support group meetings with other foster parents
• Clothing allotment (reimbursement)
• A free co-op that contains clothing, toys, and other items needed to care for children in your home
• Free Christmas, Easter, and summer parties
• Financial support for community activities
• Paid Respite Care

Main Foster Care Office:

 Oklahoma City: 405-463-6626 or, toll free, at 866-978-2956.

Satellite Foster Care Offices

 Ardmore: 405-615-3173

 Enid: 918-740-0845

 Muskogee/Tahlequah: 918-822-0351

 Tulsa: 918-640-6754

 Woodward: 405-312-6640

Children in Circle of Care homes

Make an impact in the life of a child.

Qualifications to be a Foster Parent with Circle of Care

You must be:

• A responsible, mature, healthy adult at least 21 years of age with stable living arrangements.
• In healthy relationships, whether single, married, or divorced.
• Able to meet the emotional and medical needs of a young child.
• Able to manage personal and household financial needs.

Read Laura’s Story to hear about the impact Circle of Care foster parents make in the lives of children.

You can transform a life by providing a safe and loving home for a child in crisis. To learn more about becoming a foster parent, call our office at: 405-463-6626 or, toll free, at 866-978-2956.

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