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[Shelter Homes: A Rescue Effort]

There are more than 10,000 children in Oklahoma's foster care system. On any given day there are 150 children in need of a foster home, which has yet to be found. When a foster or adoptive home is not available, these children stay in county shelters. The Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care found a solution through a program called Child SHARE.

Child SHARE works with licensing agencies, faith communities and volunteers to recruit and support full time foster families, adoptive and respite families. This network helps provide for their physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.

Child SHARE provides families with clothing and equipment, support groups, and family events. Child SHARE services are available in the Lawton, Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas.

Child SHARE is an ecumenical non-profit program, which recruits parents and volunteers from faith communities to be involved in some capacity of fostering children. By having a strong physical, emotional and spiritual support system wrapped around the foster families and children, the families are more able to nurture the children in their care.

Child SHARE recruits fulltime foster and adoptive parents, backup/respite parents, mentors, babysitters, special friends and financial supporters. Welcome basket volunteers are important team members who are also involved in ministering to hurting children.

  • Full-time Foster Families: Moms and dads, married and singles, who welcome a foster and adoptive child into their daily lives. (See requirements)

  • Respite Foster Families: Families certified as back-up caregivers for the primary foster family when the family needs some rest.

  • Special Friends/Mentors/Babysitters: Individuals committed to building lasting relationships with the full-time family and the foster and adopted child, providing occasional care-taking and activities.

  • Support Group Facilitators: Persons who help organize and conduct support group meetings on a monthly basis. Committed resource person for foster and adoptive parents within anchor or affiliate churches.

  • Child SHARE Liaison: A committed resource person for foster and adoptive parents within the anchor church. Helps organize support groups and information as well as serves as a link and support person for foster families and Child SHARE administration.

  • Anchor Churches: Churches that commit to the program and serve as a sponsor church for their region. Support groups may be conducted there.

  • Affiliate Churches: Community churches that sponsor families and/or activities within the region.

  • A Co-op Church: Church that houses the supply closet available to families.

Minimum Fostering and Adoption Requirements

  • Minimum age 21

  • Stable personality, way of life

  • Fingerprints/Background checks

  • Transportation with current insurance and tags

  • Working phone

  • Good health

For more information about the Circle of Care Child SHARE program, please call:

  • 866-978-2956 ~ Toll Free

  • 405-463-6626 ~ OKC

  • 918-583-9506 ~ Tulsa

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