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Circle of Care's
United Methodist Boy's Ranch

The United Methodist Boy's Ranch, Gore, Oklahoma, is one of two residential campuses operated by the Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care. The United Methodist Boy's Ranch provides care for young men -- ages 13 through high school graduation -- who are experiencing problems which prevent them from living at home or in foster care, including physical or sexual abuse, experiential drug or alcohol use, minor gang involvement, involvement with law enforcement, depression and/or out of control behavior.

There are two separate cottages on the Boy's Ranch campus: Spencer and McFall. Each cottage is supervised by a married couple called Family Counselors who live in the home with up to ten youth. The couples serve as teachers and mentors to the young men. They also provide a family-like atmosphere in the home. An Assistant Family Counselor works closely with each of the couples. The program provides a structured environment for the boys and focuses on their progress within the cottage.

The boys of UMBR attend either the Boy's Ranch Alternative Learning Center or Gore Public Schools. The Educational Coordinator and Teaching Assistant work closely with ranch staff, school administration and teachers to ensure that the youth have the best educational opportunities to help them be successful in school.

We do not see the boys as "at-risk" but "at-promise" because we believe that every child has received special gifts from God. We believe that being loved and accepted heals hurts that can be healed by no other means.

The youth are provided with a loving, nurturing environment to help them understand a better way of life. They are taught skills to help them with real life situations, can receive a quality education, and counseling as needed to help them move to more positive behaviors. UMBR staff works individually with each resident to help him understand the program and offers opportunities for success. The youth have the opportunity to learn how to maintain positive relationships in the home, at school and in their community. The youth are also given opportunities to discover and nurture their spirituality. Weekly youth fellowship services, devotions in the homes, and Sunday services at Gore United Methodist Church are available. The youth and staff are encouraged to be actively involved in church youth groups, choirs, and other church activities.

One unique component of UMBR is the Animal Therapy Program. Each resident attends weekly animal therapy sessions where they care for animals, assist in ranching operations, and learn of agricultural issues related to the care of animals. Sessions, under the supervision of the Ranch Manager, include roping, riding, feeding, building fences, providing medical attention and classroom instruction. The youth demonstrate learned skills through a traveling Petting Zoo, a Livestock Show and at the annual Circle of Care Rodeo.

UMBR is located in the rolling, tree-covered hills of east central Oklahoma, at the south end of Lake Tenkiller. If you would like more information about our program please call or write us at:

  • United Methodist Boy's Ranch
  • PO Box 999
  • Gore, OK 74435
  • 918-487-5281
  • FAX: 918-487-9929

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