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Independent Living Program

Independent Living Helps...

  • ...To provide students who are struggling in their current situations and recognize that they want a change in their lives with guidance, encouragement, and support in a structured environment.
  • ...To encourage students to complete their high school education and to create a plan for furthering their education either by attending college or vocational training and to obtain a job in their field of choice.
  • ...To equip students with the life skills, values, and use of community resources needed to be successful in the “real world.”
  • ...To empower students to become positive contributors to society, with the knowledge of the resources available in their community.
  • ...To create an individual approach, tailored to fit the students needs, interests, and goals through formal and informal trainings.

David O. Beal Higher Education

    Youth eligible for this program are:
  • Age 18 or older
  • High School graduates or have a GED and wish to attend some form of higher education
  • Single; with no children
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Able to pass a background clearance check
  • Able to meet income eligibility requirements

Students in this program attend Northeastern State University, Indian Capital Technology Center, Connors State College, Carl Albert State College, and Vo-Tech. Students will receive help in applying for student aid and scholarships, part-time jobs, transportation and other needed life skills.

Students eligible for this program can be any youth who demonstrates the ability to live independently and requires minimal supervision by staff. Youth live on campus either in Tahlequah, OK or Gore, OK, depending on their educational center of choice.

High School

    Youth eligible for this program are:
  • Age 16 or older
  • Single, with no children
  • Male or female
  • Good physical and mental health
  • In the process of finishing high school
  • Able to pass a background clearance check

Circle of Care is licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to provide care anywhere in the State of Oklahoma. Living facilities are available to youth in this program to live on campus either in Tahlequah, OK or Gore, OK.

Youth eligible for this program include any youth who has demonstrated they can begin living independently; desires to complete a high school education, needs supervised support with housing; needs help obtaining a job or developing job skills; and/or needs help to further develop needed life skills before graduating.

Transitional Support Services

    You are eligible for this program if you are an Oklahoma resident who is seeking help in developing life skills in order to succeed in today’s world. We meet youth/young adults in their communities and help them connect with their communities through one or more of the following life skills:
  • Money Management & Consumer Awareness
  • Food Management
  • Personal Appearance and Hygiene
  • Health Services
  • Housekeeping & Personal Belongings
  • Housing Search Skills
  • Transportation Skills & Issues
  • Educational Planning
  • Vocational Planning
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Skills in Emergency Situations
  • Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Sexuality
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Community Involvement & Knowledge of Resources
  • Legal Issues and Knowledge of Legal Rights

We have weekly communication via telephone, text, or email and personal visits at least once a month with the goal of increasing independence and reducing frequency of monitoring.

For more information contact
Circle of Care Independent Living:

    Program Information

    Tahlequah Campus
    (918)456-6166 ext. 252

    Gore Campus
    (918)487-5281 ext. 333

    IL Program Director
    (918)456-6166 ext. 252
    (918) 822-3893
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